WindSmart® offers the highest performing vented roof system in the industry. Their patented system is a uniquely different and proven approach to installing low-slope roof assemblies. Because wind represents the most destructive force affecting roofs, the WindSmart vented system uses applied science to achieve a more wind-resistant, superior roof assembly and seal.

By using a combination of market leading, proprietary air-sealing techniques and the WindSmart WindForce 365® pressure equalization vent, the destructive wind uplift forces are negated. The greater the wind velocity, the more secure the field of the roof assembly becomes. Plus, through a process of controlled air exchange, the system can be applied to remove entrapped moisture, a key strategy to roof longevity and ongoing recyclability of roof assemblies.

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Vented Roof Systems

WindSmart Roof Systems are designed to reduce moisture, be cost effective, minimize wind and harsh weather damages, and improve weather-resistance to enhance the longevity of the roof.

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