USG Structo-Crete® Brand Structural Panels are high-strength, reinforced concrete panels for use in noncombustible construction and the only panels certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) in accordance with ASTM E136. Re-engineer your thinking, with a lightweight, noncombustible pre-manufactured panel.

USG Structo-Crete® Brand Structural Panels make installation easy, safe and productive, giving you the performance you have come to expect from USG. Product application includes roof deck, subflooring and foundation wall.

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USG Structo-Crete® Structural Panels

Our Structural Panels are designed to be easy to install to reduce cost, energy, and mess after installation. They are high in strength and are designed to be resistant to moisture, mold, and termites.

  • Structo-Crete® Brand Structural Panels
  • Structo-Crete® Brand Roof Deck Panels
  • Structo-Crete® Brand XTRA Strength Panels

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