Since 1953, Thompson Fabricating, LLC has been a leader in providing engineered aluminum, stainless, and steel fabricated products to the construction industry. Thompson Fabricating, LLC specializes in the fabrication of the following aluminum products utilized in treatment plant construction: component rail systems, access hatches, ladders, stairs, grating, cover plates, walkways, structural support framing, stop gates, weirs, baffles, troughs, and bar screens.

Through their proven leadership in water and wastewater treatment construction, Thompson Fabricating, LLC has become the ‘go-to’ expert in the industry.

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Thompson Fabricating, LLC Ladders are manufactured with strong and durable frames that are designed to be resistant to rust and our ladders are always designed to meet the requirements of OSHA and ANSI-A13.3.

  • TUF LADDER Ships Ladders

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Metal ladder

Metal railing

Railings and Grating

Thompson Fabricating’s Aluminum Railing System, TUF RAIL, is the result of over 65 years of industry experience in the water and wastewater treatment plant industry. We strive, continuously, to seek ways to improve our product’s appearance, durability, and structural integrity.

  • TUF RAIL Gratings/Support Systems
  • Gratings/Support Systems

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