Johns Manville is a leading manufacturer of Single-Ply, Modified and BUR systems. They pride themselves on premium-quality insulation and commercial roofing, along with glass fibers and nonwovens for commercial, industrial, and residential applications for over 150 years.

They continue to lead the roofing industry today by providing its customers with superior roofing systems and services through a select network of distributors and applicators. With state-of-the-art EPDM, TPO, and PVC products, accessories, and systems, along with our strong foundation of leading modified and built-up systems, JM is your proven choice.

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Johns Manville’s TPO gives you the option of reliable, reinforced membranes that are composed of polyester fabric and manufactured using an ultraviolet-resistant thermoplastic polyolefin formulation. JM’s TPO formulation allows for extreme pliability, flexibility, and weldability during installation.

JM TPO Fleece Backed Roofing Membrane

  • JM TPO Roofing Membrane
  • JM TPO SA 60-mil
  • JM TPO Fleece Backed Roofing Membrane
  • JM Vapor Barrier SAR
  • JM TPO Accessories
  • Adhesives, Cleaners and Primer
  • Fasteners and Plates

Learn more about our TPO products:


Johns Manville’s EPDM Roofing Membrane is manufactured thicker with a uniform surface finish and superior durability and flexibility. This advancement in manufacturing produces cleaner sheets that require less preparation to ensure a strong bond during installation.

  • JM EPDM NR FIT Systems
  • JM EPDM R FIT Systems
  • JM Vapor Barrier SAR
  • JM EPDM Accessories
  • Adhesives, Cleaners and Primer
  • Fasteners and Plates

Learn more about our EPDM products: dm-roofing-systems/



Johns Manville’s PVC is a flexible, pliable thermoplastic membrane that is resistant to harsh chemicals, industrial pollutants, and is made to resist the toughest weather conditions and chemicals.


  • JM PVC with Dow Elvaloy KEE Polymer
  • JM PVC FB with Dow Elvaloy KEE Polymer
  • JM PVC SD Plus
  • JM Vapor Barrier SAR
  • JM PVC Accessories
  • Adhesives, Cleaners and Primer
  • Fasteners and Plates

Learn more about our PVC products: oofing-systems


Johns Manville’s SBS Roofing Systems is a premium modified bitumen engineered specifically for elasticity, made to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They can be installed in a variety of ways including cold applied, heat weld, self-adhered, mechanically fastened, and hot applied applications.

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  • JM DynaBase
  • JM DynaClad
  • JM DynaFast
  • JM DynaFlex
  • JM DynaGlas
  • JM DynaGrip
  • JM DynaKap
  • JM DynaLastic
  • JM DynaMax
  • JM DynaPly
  • JM DynaTred
  • JM DynaWeld
  • JM BaseGrip
  • JM CleanBond
  • JM Ventsulation
  • JM Vapor Barrier

Learn more about our SBS products:


Johns Manville’s Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Systems have waterproof membranes that are field fabricated with layers of bitumen, alternating with plies of reinforcing felts enhancing weather resistance.


  • JM GlasBase
  • JM GlasKap
  • JM GlasPly
  • JM GlasTite
  • JM PermaPly
  • JM Ventsulation
  • JM Vapor Barrier

Learn more about our BUR products: oofing-systems/


APP is a tough and economical like a thermoplastic, formulated with a premium-grade asphalt to enhance strength and weatherability. The APP membranes are easy to work with during application, making it easier to form straight lines.

  • JM APPeX
  • JM APP
  • JM Ventsulation
  • JM Vapor Barrier
  • Installation Supplies

Learn more about our APP products: p-roofing-systems/

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Cover boards

Johns Manville’s cover boards enhances the long-term performance of a commercial roofing system. We offer solutions for high-impact zones, fire-retardant solutions that meet UL Class A requirements, and options that are resistant to mold growth.

Cover Board Protector HD

  • DuraBoard
  • FesCant Plus/Tapered FESCO Edge Strip
  • FESCO Board
  • Protector HD
  • RetroPlus Roof Board
  • SeparatoR
  • SeparatoR CGF
  • Tapered Fesco Board

Learn more about our Cover Boards: ng-insulation-and-cover--boards/


Johns Manville offers a wide range of insulation products that can meet your R-value requirements and we offer a line of composite products.

  • ENRGY 3 Flat and Tapered
  • ENRGY 3 CGF Flat and Tapered

Learn more about our Insulation products: ofing-insulation-and-cover--boards/

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JM Coatings consists of products used for repairs, reflectivity, and protective treatments for new and existing roof surfaces. Coatings include acrylic, silicone, and fibrated aluminum.

Coatings TopGard 5000

  • Asphalt Emulsion Roof Coating
  • Fibrated Aluminum Roof Coating
  • JM Coating Acrylic
  • JM Coating Field Polyester Reinforcing Fabric
  • JM Coating Repair Tape
  • JM Coating Silicone
  • TopGard 4000
  • TopGard 5000

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