WindSmart Systems is the Answer!

With the challenges the roofing industry is currently experiencing causing material shortages affecting product availability, WindSmart Systems is your answer! WindSmart Systems can be used for new construction and predominantly reroof and overlay projects. No Fasteners or Adhesives needed with WindSmarts One-Way Equalization Vents that use the winds currents to vacuum-pack the entire roof! Keep your production schedule on track and avoid walking away from projects due to unavailable materials!

WindSmart PDF

USG Presents: Structural Cementitious Sheathings Presentation

USG Presents:
Structural Cementitious Sheathings Presentation

As a leading manufacturer of building products and innovative solutions for more than 115 years, USG products will continue to define how buildings come together as we address leading challenges of the commercial construction industry.

This program will address how mid-rise building design can evolve to better accommodate the industry trend towards quick project timelines in a market of shrinking labor resources.  Responding to demands from owners and developers to accelerate occupancy. General contractors and subs are employing practices that utilize trades to circumvent  the shortage in skilled labor.  Via Innovative Design Solutions are available to address these stakeholder challenges without compromising structural, life-safety, or design-aesthetic integrities.

Credit: 1.0 AIA LU

Thursday, June 25th. 12:00 PM

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