June 16, 2020 ABS

Webinar Wednesdays: Consultant and Contractor Collaboration

Consultant and Contractor Collaboration:

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities for Successful Building Envelope Construction and Rehabilitation Projects

Quinn Ferrall, with Architectural Building Solutions, will host a one-hour CEH certified webinar on the collaborative roles and responsibilities between the consultant and contractor. While the project life cycle are separate and unique, but not entirely unrelated. This presentation will review these roles and provide construction document guidelines for establishing expected performance to ensure successful completion of building envelope (BE) projects. BE restoration projects require analysis of the existing systems, which often includes destructive testing and involvement of the contractor in the design and development phase. After the presentation, we’ll open the floor for a live Q&A.

• Discuss collaborative roles and responsibilities between the consultant and contractor in BE projects
• Introduce testing procedures used to analyze BE system applications
• Provide practical guidelines for development of collaborative construction documents
• Offer ways to set each other up for success; the value of our services.

Presented by:

Quinn Ferrall PE, RRC, RWC, RRO, CDT, & MBA

Wednesday, June 24 – 1:00 p.m.

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